Pin it, 'Pinas

Being the Creative Director of Filip + Inna is a visually demanding job. I’m constantly keeping my eyes peeled for anything that inspires me. Taking photos of the design process, the pieces I make, the artisans I work with and the travels around the Philippine archipelago. I’ve collected thousands of images in the past six years and recently they’ve been getting lost in my digital library.

Thankfully, I found Pinterest to help sort me out. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you save images and is also a resource pool to find creative ideas. I use Pinterest as an online moodboard that I can look back at, to find specific photos I've pinned and to draw inspiration from for future collections.


My favorite board is my Back to the Loom board because it is a project close to my heart. It is a project that aims to revive, preserve and assist the different Philippine indigenous groups in their weaving traditions across the archipelago. The first project, the Yab Mann Weaving Center was completed and inaugurated on November 2013 in Klubi, Lake Sebu. Yab Mann and her daughter, Elena, are T'boli tnalak weavers who serve as good examples in how they have promoted the T'boli culture through their fabric creations. The Yab Man Weaving center now is home to 12 weavers in the area of Klubi, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. They continue to train new weavers and keep the the tradition alive.


Back to the Loom aims to jumpstart an interest in abaca fabric, and lends support in creating weaving centers for deserving artisans who continue to preserve their weaving traditions. We are currently working on building our second weaving center which will benefit the Tagbanhwa Indigenous group in Davao Oriental.



Follow the progress of this little passion project of mine on Pinterest. Pinterest is still pretty new in the Philippines so if you don't have an account, you can sign up with my invite. Happy pinning!

Pin it Pinas