#31 Do a trunk show in New York.


My bucket list has 40 items and finally, I have ticked off #31 from the list.

Back in 2006, I spent a full summer and the early parts of autumn in New York. I fell in love with the city that never sleeps. It was not my first time there but somehow staying for a longer period of time showed an intimate side of New York and it felt like home.

Thankfully since then, I have had the chance to go back once or twice a year to get my New York fix. There is something special about NY, one can feel overwhelmed at times yet, you can feel like anything is possible even if you are a small fish in a big pond! So back in 2006, I wrote that someday I will do a trunk show in New York.

I came upon the website of Indagare Travel in June of 2010 and decided to take the chance and email about Filip + Inna. To my surprise, in less than three minutes later i received a response from the founder of Indagare herself, Melissa Briggs-Bradley who I think was somewhere in Bolivia. She was interested to look at my clothes. I could not believe what was happening and before i knew it, I was asked to send 35 pcs of clothes to their Hamptons Souk three weeks away. My prayer had been answered!

After partnering with INDAGARE for more than a year, it was time to personally attend a trunk show - of course it had to be the one in New York. Luckily, there was another trunk show happening around the same time in Greenwich, Connecticut. I was hitting two trunk shows with one trip!

Last autumn, I found myself at a friend's apartment in New York working on tagging Filip + Inna clothes , getting it ready for the three day trunk show with Indagare at The Pierre Hotel. Suddenly it just hit me, it was actually happening five years later!

And so my love affair with the city continues........