Among all the different groups, it will have to be the Maranaos whom I have been exposed to the most having grown up in Iligan which is in Lanao. My family history also shows a close link to this group and my memories as a child growing up in my parent's home always had the Maranaos in their malongs, with stunning colors of yellow, magenta, and purple.

The Maranao word translates to "people of the lake" - and during my first visit to Marawi, I saw firsthand how their life revolved around the lake. The Maranaos are known for their artwork, weaving, wood and metal crafts as well as for their literature. I have been fortunate to have known an excellent artisant - Kaka Japar who made handcrafted silver bracelets for my sisters and I.

With the Maranaos, Filip + Inna comes full circle as I draw inspiration from the recalling images from the past and looking into the future.